10. Chronic Joint and Muscle Pain

Muscle and joint pain is can be alleviated by a visit to a pharmacy for over the counter drugs to alleviate the pain. These medications are temporary fixes and can be damaging in the long-term.

By visiting a chiropractor in Dallas for your chronic pain, you can not only save on constant pharma costs, but you also relieve joint and muscle pain in a holistic manner.

9. Pain Shooting Down Your Leg

If you feel a sharp pain shooting down your leg or have a tingling sensation in the area, you could have a pinched nerve or slipped disc. Sciatica problems are prevalent among chiropractic patients, and this symptom is commonly seen when there is a problem. Physiotherapy can treat sciatica by using a variety of therapeutic methods.

8. Tension Headaches and More

Frequent headaches are a pain, but did you know that they could be the result of misalignment in your spine and neck? Chronic headaches could be a sure sign that you need to visit a Chiropractor in Dallas for a spinal adjustment and some much-needed relief.

7. Are You Active?

If you are a physically active person, your body could be getting worn down, even though you are benefiting your physical overall health. Contact sports and other strenuous exercises can add additional stress and jarring to the body that could result in a pinched nerve or other alignment issues. Spinal Decompression can alleviate back and nerve pain without the use of surgery or medication.

6. Your Job Is Sedative

Even the opposite of being active can have a negative impact on your spine and neck health. Sitting hunched over your keyboard for five days a week can result in poor posture that puts unwanted pressure on your spine. A Dallas chiropractor can ensure that your spine is aligned correctly and helps prevent problems in the future through a process called spine posture restoration.

5. The Soles of Your Shoes Wear Out Unevenly

This one is a little odd, but if you take a look at your shoes and notice that one is worn out more than the other, your body may be out of alignment. A Chiropractor in Dallas will be able to not only adjust your spine, but can also prescribe custom orthotics.

4. Car Accident?

If you’ve been in a recent car accident, you may be suffering from whiplash. This is a very painful symptom of damage and can be relieved through the power of a well-timed adjustment.

3. Your Range of Motion is Limited

If you find that you aren’t as limber as you were when you were younger, this is a good sign that you need to see a chiropractor. Adjustments allow your joints and bones to realign and increase your body’s ability to function in the ways that you need it to.

2. You Are Health Conscious

You don’t need to be in physical pain to get a chiropractic adjustment. Simply wanting to live a healthier life can be enough. Your Chiropractor can give you health guidance, exercise routines and more.

1. Chronic Lower Back Pain

This is the absolute most common reason to visit a Chiropractor. Chronic lower back pain has a crippling impact on a person’s life and is something that a Chiropractor will be able to help manage.

Your Local Chiropractor in Dallas Will Help Relieve Your Symptoms

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms or know that you need to make some lifestyle adjustments, get in touch with the best Chiropractor in Dallas and find out how we can help you out. Schedule a free consultation and take the first steps to getting rid of your pain.

Should you need, trigger point and joint injections are also available to help relieve pain and inflammation quickly. Ask about this during your next visit or call us for more information!

We serve those who live or work in Dallas and nearby cities including Lake Highlands, Highland Park, University Park, Preston Hollow, Far North Dallas, Addison, Richardson, Uptown and more.

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