Getting Active Again After a Shoulder Injury

Have you recently hurt your shoulder playing sports or exercising? Curious about when it’s okay to return to your regular athletic and exercise regimen without reinjuring yourself? Many joint-injury patients are in a hurry to return to normal activities, but returning to your regular routine too fast can cause even more trouble. 

At DMC Healthcare, located in Dallas, Texas, Dr. Bryan Weddle and his staff can ensure that you get the best treatment available. In addition, we also help you return to your normal physical activities as soon as possible, but without causing further damage to your shoulder joint. 

How shoulder injuries occur

Your shoulder is made of a joint that looks like a ball in a socket, and is surrounded by tendons and other muscles. The wide range of movements your shoulder performs can also be why you injured it. Repetitive movements, such as in tennis and other sports, can cause strains, sprains, and tightness. Pain that isn’t treated right away, or properly, can get worse over time, reducing range of motion, flexibility, and limiting your ability to use those muscles at all.

How shoulder treatments work

Based on your medical history and the severity of your injury, Dr. Weddle will design a program that is unique to your needs. Some treatment options include chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, and physical therapy exercises. It’s important to undergo treatment for a few weeks and see a significant reduction in pain before jumping back fully into the game or the gym.

How long does recovery take?

The exact length of the recovery process depends on the severity of the injury and how soon you seek treatment. But after your first treatment at DMC Healthcare, you will start to experience significant improvement in a few weeks. Once you have Dr. Weddle’s permission to return to sports and exercise, you’ll want to ease back in slowly rather than jumping in all at once, in order to prevent re-injury.

While you may not be able to return to your normal routine right away, there are other activities you can do in the meantime to rebuild your strength and assist your recovery process. These can include leg presses, walking on the treadmill or around the neighborhood, or stair climbing. Ask Dr. Weddle about some safe exercises you can do as your shoulder recovers.

Learn more about shoulder injury recovery

If you’ve recently injured your shoulder and have questions about the recovery process, or want to know how soon you can return to your active lifestyle, you can reach Dr. Weddle at 469-213-1506. You can also schedule an appointment online. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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