How Long Does Rehabilitation Take After an Injury?

How Long Does Rehabilitation Take After an Injury?

When you’re facing some recovery time after an injury, it’s normal to wonder how long it will take. The honest answer is that everyone heals differently and there are many factors involved in determining how long your rehabilitation will take.

DMC Healthcare offers comprehensive rehabilitative services to help improve the efficiency and speed of your healing process. Bryan Weddle, DC, our experienced chiropractor, will customize a treatment plan that focuses on regaining your mobility and strength and also reducing your risk for further injury.

What to expect from rehabilitation

Physical rehabilitation involves a variety of services that support your full recovery from an injury or help you heal from a disease or medical event. Rehabilitation won’t undo any damage that’s already been done, but it can go a long way to improving your overall function and well-being.

The rehabilitation program available at DMC Healthcare offers you resources to recover safely from your injury or medical condition. We work closely with you to treat your injury and improve your function through chiropractic adjustments, spinal decompression, exercise programs, and lifestyle changes.

We can recommend adaptive tools you can use to enhance the quality of your life if you have a disability or are slowing down with age. Rehabilitation services are also available for your family and loved ones who care for you.

Your timeline for a rehabilitation program depends on your body, your age, the nature of your injury, and your goals for recovery. Dr. Weddle can tell you what to expect during your initial consultation and will continue to monitor your healing process to determine how long you need to participate in rehabilitation.

When it's time to consider rehabilitation

Beyond injuries from sports and auto accidents, the rehabilitation programs available at DMC Healthcare can be beneficial to your health if you’re recovering from:

Rehabilitation can also help improve your mobility and energy levels if you’re struggling with age-related health changes, arthritis, chronic back problems, or the side effects of menopause. We can help you get on the right track with your fitness if you’re overweight or obese and are facing serious health problems, but physical activity is too difficult.

Benefits of rehabbing with a chiropractor

As a highly experienced chiropractor, Dr. Weddle has extensive training in the treatment of the whole body. He specializes in chiropractic adjustments that realign your spine and improve your general health. Chiropractic care can also address specific issues that affect your:

With his whole-body approach to care, Dr. Weddle can tailor a treatment plan to address individual problems you’re having with your health while staying focused on improving your overall health and wellness. 

He can also offer some insight into how to improve your fitness level and performance in sports and other activities without putting yourself at risk for more injuries.

Find out how you can benefit from a chiropractic rehabilitation program by calling DMC Healthcare or by booking a consultation online today. 

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