How Repetitive Motion Fuels Shoulder Pain

Your shoulder is a complex joint that gives you a versatile range of motion, so that you can throw a ball, wash your hair, and hug your loved ones. This joint versatility also increases your risk for developing chronic shoulder pain.

At DMC Healthcare, experienced chiropractor, Bryan Weddle, DC, knows how debilitating persistent shoulder stiffness and pain can be. He uses several chiropractic techniques, massage therapy, and other strategies to relieve shoulder pain and reduce your risk for additional injuries from repetitive use.

The impact of repetitive shoulder use

Repetitive use describes everyday motions you frequently make with your shoulder. Many times, repetitive use is required from those who have manual labor jobs that require picking up and moving heavy objects and lifting their arms over their head. These movements can lead to painful worker’s compensation injuries that prevent you from earning an income.

Sports also require a lot of repetitive use of your shoulder and other joints. The motions your shoulder makes throwing a football or baseball, swinging a golf club, or maneuvering a tennis racket can lead to inflammation developing in the structure of your shoulder joint.

In addition to inflammation, repetitive use of your shoulder can lead to strains and sprains of the muscles that make up your joint. The more you use your shoulder, the worse these strains can become until the tissues begin to tear or rupture.

Signs of repetitive use injuries

When you overexert your shoulder joint with repetitive movements, it can lead to persistent pain and a variety of other symptoms like:

You may also experience pain that starts in your shoulder and radiates down into your arm and hand. Symptoms of repetitive use injuries can begin any time you overwork your shoulder joint doing your job or playing sports.

Over time, these symptoms can worsen and will likely require treatment to prevent permanent damage to your shoulder and the need for surgery.

Repetitive use injuries not only affect your shoulder, but they can also affect other parts of your body. Overuse injuries from sports are so common, many are named after the specific sport that causes them, such as swimmer’s shoulder, tennis elbow, and runner’s knee.

Chiropractic care for shoulder pain from repetitive use

An important factor in successfully treating shoulder pain is to seek treatment before pain becomes excruciating. If you’re starting to feel twinges in your shoulder every time you move it, now is the time to call DMC Healthcare for an evaluation. 

Initial assessment

Dr. Weddle assesses the range of motion and flexibility you have in your shoulder to determine which chiropractic techniques will help.

Manual adjustments

You may benefit from manual chiropractic adjustments to your upper (cervical) spine to improve its alignment and relieve pain in your shoulder.

Active release technique 

Dr. Weddle can also adjust your shoulder joint to enhance its function and alleviate your discomfort. He also specializes in the active release technique, a type of soft tissue therapy that relieves overly tight muscles (trigger points) to relieve stress on your shoulder.

Prevention strategies

While you may not be able to change your job or stop playing the sports you love, Dr. Weddle can show you how to increase your performance while decreasing your risk for more serious shoulder injuries. Through daily exercises and other prevention strategies, you can restore your shoulder function and live a pain-free, physically active life.

Don’t let repetitive use injuries in your shoulder limit your life. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Weddle and the team at DMC Healthcare by calling the office or by booking an appointment online today. 

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