The Dangers of Tech Neck

What are the dangers of tech neck? For starters, poor posture. When you strain your neck to view/interact with a device, it adds an extra load to the neck muscles. In fact, at 60 degrees forward, about 60 pounds of extra load is added. Over time, this can damage the spine. Luckily, Dr. Weddle of DMC Healthcare in Dallas, Texas, offers a variety of options to help you achieve relief from neck pain. 

Tech neck explained

Although the act of simply looking down to view your phone or tablet may not seem like a big deal, it’s actually the repeated action that can cause pain and injury. Your neck muscles were not built to withstand this consistently added stress.

How to avoid neck strain 

Building an awareness of how often you are straining your neck is the first step to preventing further pain and possible injury. In addition to cultivating an awareness, you can also practice these simple habits. 

Take frequent breaks

Taking frequent breaks will help you reset your eyes and give your neck muscles some rest time. A three-minute break every 15 to 20 minutes should do the trick.  

Change positions 

Instead of straining your neck in a downward position, view your phone or tablet at eye level. This may look (or even feel) awkward, but it will save your neck from extra strain. Also make sure you are supporting your arms by resting them on a flat surface such as a table, desk, or countertop. Another option, if you work from home or have a lounging space at your office, is to lie on your back in bed or on a couch. 

Keep good posture top of mind 

The more mindful you are of practicing good posture, the more it will become a habit. As you practice a healthy, aligned posture, your more feeble posture will feel unnatural and out of alignment. So when you sense you are reverting back to poor posture, take a minute to realign your body. 

Available Treatments

DMC Healthcare offers a variety of treatment options to help you gain relief from neck pain. Following an exam to diagnose the underlying cause of your neck pain, an individual health plan will be created to effectively treat your symptoms. Possible treatments include:  


Medications can be prescribed to alleviate pain and swelling and promote muscle relaxation. 

Spinal manipulation 

Vertebrae in the neck can be adjusted to properly realign your body to support its organic healing process.   

Physical therapy 

A physical therapist can create an individualized plan of exercises to ease your neck aches and assist in preventing further pain.  

As you can see, DMC Healthcare offers a myriad of treatment options to help you resolve neck pain. If you are suffering from neck pain issues, book your online appointment today

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