Tired of Living with Chronic Pain? 3 Ways Chiropractic Care Can Start to Help You

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An incredible 20% of people in the United States grapple with chronic pain, and this number is expected to rise with an aging population. While medication provides a number of short-term fixes, chiropractic care offers a long-term solution to chronic pain by working with your body for sustainable results.

Our team at DMC Healthcare, led by Dr. Bryan Weddle, takes a holistic approach to healing that relies less on masking the problem and more on rooting out — and addressing — the underlying cause. This line of attack frees our patients in the Dallas, Texas area from the bonds of chronic pain, allowing them to lead healthy, active lives long into the future.

If you wake up to a daily struggle with pain, here are three ways that chiropractic care can pave the way towards a pain-free life without limitations.

Keeping It In Line

At the heart of chiropractic care is the notion that humans function best when their bodies are aligned and balanced. If you think about the incredibly complex structure that makes up the human musculoskeletal system and its interconnectivity, this approach makes sense.

For example, an issue in your low back can cause you to favor using one side of the body, which throws your hips, knees, and even your ankles out of balance. The same holds true when it comes to neck issues, which can cause problems in your shoulders and arms. And on it goes, as seemingly small issues snowball into ever-larger problems.

With our chiropractic care, we start at the very foundation of your musculoskeletal structure — your spine — which sets the stage for the rest of your body. By correcting misalignments along your spine, we ensure that this foundational support is functioning properly. The effect cascades outward, coaxing the rest of the body’s components to go back into their proper place.

Go With The Flow

While your spine provides structural support for your body, it’s also a major passageway for many of your body’s systems, including your nervous and circulatory networks. When you have a misalignment along your spine, it creates a blockage that prevents your body’s natural resources from flowing freely, which can hamper its ability to heal.

And this can affect your entire body, right down to your fingertips and toes. Since your body is unable to get the necessary healing resources into a damaged area, it needs chiropractic care to lift the roadblocks and allow your body to do what it does best — protect and heal itself. Our team at DMC Healthcare does this through spinal adjustments, trigger point injection therapies, and massage therapy.

Work It Out

Once we ensure that your body’s musculoskeletal structure is aligned properly, we can further tackle the source of your chronic pain. We do this by using physical therapy to achieve long-lasting results.

Let’s say that your chronic pain stems from your low back, which is the most common complaint. By giving you exercises that strengthen the surrounding muscles and keep your connective tissue supple, you will be better equipped to handle any stresses you place on your back. Each component will be well-conditioned and up for the task.

Through physical therapy, we ensure that no single structure is overburdened, and we find ways for stronger tissues to pick up some of the slack and take pressure off your weaker areas. This approach works well in all areas of your body, whether you’re plagued by a herniated disc or tendinitis in your knees.

If you’d like to get started on a long-lasting solution for your chronic pain, give us a call to learn about how chiropractic care can help. You can also use the online scheduling tool on our website to set up an appointment today.

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