Understanding Elbow Pain

There are a number of different causes of elbow pain. However, one of the most common conditions is generally referred to as “tennis elbow.” Symptoms of tennis elbow are weakness in the wrist, tenderness around the elbow, difficulty lifting the arm, and pain while holding objects. Tennis elbow is often caused by repetitive motions and forceful movements—it’s not always caused by sports.

How Chiropractic Can Treat Elbow Pain

Our chiropractic doctor, Dr. Khayal will do a full body examination and diagnose musculoskeletal dysfunctions that could be causing your elbow pain. Once we have discovered the cause of your pain, we will begin your chiropractic treatment. We will ensure that your bones are properly aligned and your nervous system is working the way that it should. This will help to increase blood and nutrient flow to the area to promote recovery and decrease pain within your elbow. If you are interested in seeing how chiropractic can relieve your elbow pain, schedule a free consultation with us today.

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