Dr. H. Khayal

Clinical Director

Dr. H. Khayal is the clinical director of DMC Healthcare in North Dallas, Texas. He believes that health is a life-long journey, that should be enjoyed. He has made it his mission in practice to teach and inspire his patients to optimize their overall wellness. For over 15 years, Dr. H. Khayal and his team have been truly dedicated to creating a welcoming environment to help their patients and clients truly enjoy their care. Dr. H. Khayal continues to stay up-to-date with the latest methods so his patients continue to get the most effective treatments available.

To provide his patients with the best care possible, Dr. H. Khayal was among the first in the Dallas area to use the Ultralign G2 spinal adjusting technology. The technology, in part, was originally developed by NASA. The diagnostic technology is computerized to accurately detect spinal misalignments and is also effective in delivering gentle spinal adjustments, making it easier and more comfortable for his patients to receive the spinal care that they need. Dr. H. Khayal has also incorporated spinal decompression therapy and FDA cleared cold laser therapy using Erchonia FX-635 as part of his care to help patients avoid pain meds and most importantly surgical options.

Dr. H. Khayal is a graduate of Parker College of Chiropractic, now Parker University, in Dallas. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Texas at Dallas. He is also a member of The Texas Chiropractic Association.

Nothing inspires Dr. H. Khayal more than seeing his patients improve their health, elevate their state of wellness and raise their quality of life through Chiropractic care, health education and functional medicine (also known as lifestyle medicine). He has helped thousands of patients with challenging health issues by getting to the root cause of their spinal and musculoskeletal conditions, helping them to spring back to vitality with natural and safe treatments, and thus demonstrating the recuperative powers of the human body.

Dr. Lauren Academia

Dr. Lauren Academia has made it her mission to educate and support as many people as possible to reach optimum wellness and elevate their quality of life. She especially enjoy specializing in sports medicine and helping athletes reach their maximum potential. Dr. Academia specializes in gentle adjusting techniques including Diversified, Activator, Thompson and Flexion Distraction. She holds certifications in Dry Needling, Fascia Distortion Model (FDM) Upper Region, Rocktape FMT Basic and Advanced, as well as Rocktape FMT Blades and Blades Advanced.

Dr. Academia graduated from Parker University as a Doctor of Chiropractic. Prior to that, Dr. Academia graduated from Southwestern Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. She completed her Master’s in Business Administration in 2014.

Dr. Academia aka Dr. Lauren grew up in here in Texas, where she played soccer from the age four through college and beyond. Also running long distance track in middle school. She received a soccer scholarship to play for Southwestern Oklahoma State. Dr. Lauren always had a second nature to help people. During her own athletic career, she realized her mission was to help people live their best life through chiropractic care. Growing up as an athlete playing sports in scholastic, recreational and elite leagues she experienced the various levels of competition. Dr. Lauren understands from personal experience the drive to push to potential, the setback of injuries and the importance around correct rehabilitation and recovery to allow an athlete to quickly return to sports and life. Dr. Lauren embraces the body’s natural ability to heal with the correct activations. Her personal experience, education and training around how to strengthen the body to prevent future injuries, as well as the necessity of maintenance care helps patients keep performance at their peak level.

Dr. Lauren is married to the love of her life, Cody. They have two fur babies, Kona and Tilly. When she is not doing what she loves around the clinic, you can catch her exploring outdoors, running or relaxing with family and friends. She has completed half-marathons and marathons including runDisney Dopey Challenge – 48.6 miles in 4 days and the Marine Corps Marathon. She looks forward to meeting you in the office or out on the road while training for her next race!

Dr. Bryan Weddle

Dr. Bryan Weddle, DC is a doctor of chiropractic certified in active release technique. With over 21 years of experience, he provides the people of Dallas, Richardson, and Plano, Texas treatment for musculoskeletal conditions. Some of the services Dr. Weddle offers his patients include pain relief for the neck; shoulder; and knee among others. He provides cervical and lumbar disc decompression in the treatment of nerve impingement injuries such as herniated discs or sciatica.

Dr. Weddle received his doctorate in chiropractic in 1995 and is certified in active release technique, as well as performing spinal manipulation under anesthesia. He has extensive experience in rehabilitation involving the spine as well as shoulder, hand, elbow, knee, ankle and foot conditions. Dr. Weddle works closely with medical doctors, physical therapists, and occupational therapists, in treating a wide variety of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. His practice, DMC Healthcare, has been tailored to offer the finest in treatment for athletes at the high school, collegiate, Olympic and professional levels.

Dr. Weddle’s focus is on providing quality, comprehensive care that can address an array of musculoskeletal needs. Dr. Weddle’s Dallas Injury office welcomes Worker’s Comp and Auto injuries for same day appointments. The office also accepts major medical insurance and has affordable cash plans.

Loreta Pytka, FNP

Family Nurse Practitioner

Loreta Pytka is a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner in the State of Texas. Loreta holds a Master’s degree of Nursing from Saint Francis College and a Bachelor’s degree of Nursing from Saint Xavier University. She holds her certification from American Academy of Nurse Practitioners and is a member of the American Nurse Practitioner Association. Loreta provides a comprehensive care plan for her patients. Loreta focuses on overall health and wellness through pain management, migraine management, interventional procedures and weight loss management to her treatment plans.

Loreta’s focus is to provide unsurpassed care to her patients and goal is to help them return to their optimal level of function, productivity, and performance. Loreta Pytka not only focuses on the signs and symptoms of disease, but on how the problem affects her patients quality of life. She believes in the patient playing an active role in their treatment program. Loreta Pytka is keen on alleviating pain and achieving optimal quality of life.

Loreta enjoys world travel with her family, staying active, and continuing education. Loreta continues to stay physically healthy and shares her knowledge from her own experiences and education to those who are in need, to educate and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Cooper Brown

Pending Licensing

Kazzie Ellenburg, M.S.

Kazzie is a health and wellness advocate. As a nutritionist who is passionate about improving the overall health and quality of life of others, she has made it her life’s work to help clients improve their health and maintain a lifestyle that’s all about overall wellness. By creating the right balance of physical fitness and proper nutrition, her clients have been able to elevate quality of life and enjoy life with family and friends.

Kazzie grew up in the panhandle of Florida on a farm with her family. She played sports her whole life and has always had an interest in living a healthy lifestyle. Kazzie graduated from Mississippi State University with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology . Once she started her bachelor’s degree she realized her passion was geared towards nutrition and lifestyle changes to improve one’s health and wellness.

She continued at MSU to complete her Master of Science in Health Promotion. Kazzie is passionate about continuing education and is now currently enrolled at Parker University in the Master of Science in Functional Nutrition Program. She has credentials in Clinical Health and Wellness Coaching and personal training. Kazzie is also a Certified Health Education Specialist.

She has worked in nutrition and health coaching for many years. Kazzie will now be overseeing the nutrition and wellness programs with Premier Health Clinic (Carrollton) and Premier Health Chiro Med (Dallas location).

Kazzie spends most of her down time walking her pups, exercising, hanging out with friends, and watching sports. She is looking forward to meeting you and helping you to optimize your health!

Give her a call today to schedule a consult to better define your health and wellness goals. A journey always starts with that first step. Let’s plan the best future, today!