Sciatica can be a painful and inconvenient injury. Patients in the area of Dallas, Texas who are suffering from sciatica are encouraged to visit Premier Health Chiro Med for treatment and relief.


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Sciatica Q & A

What is sciatica?

Sciatica the name for a medical condition that results from compression of the sciatic nerve. This nerve starts in the lower back and travels throughout the back of the thighs, glutes, and knees until it reaches the feet. It supplies feeling through the legs which is why any damage the sciatic nerves receives will cause pain or numbness in the lower extremities. Pinching of this nerve can also cause weakness in the legs, making it difficult to stand without needing rest when the nerve is irritated.

What are the symptoms?

Sciatica will usually only affect one side of the body on the lower extremities. Pain will travel down from the lower back to the back of the thigh and down the leg. Symptoms can grow quite intense during sudden movements or when changing positions. Some combination of the following symptoms is most common for sciatica:

  • Constant pain in only one side of the buttock or leg, but rarely on both sides
  • Pain originating in the low back or buttock and continues along the path of the sciatic nerve
  • Pain that worsens when standing or sitting
  • Sharp, searing pain rather than a dull sensation.
  • Weakness or numbness when moving the leg or foot
  • Pain and other symptoms in the toes, depending on where the sciatic nerve is affected
  • Difficulty standing, sitting, or walking
  • Shooting pains from the buttocks downward through the feet
  • Tingling and numbness in the buttocks, legs, or feet
  • Pain or spasms while coughing or sneezing
  • Lower back pain

How does chiropractic care help?

Pain from sciatica causes the muscles to spasm which can decrease mobility and add pressure to the nerve. An examination will be needed first to determine the area of your body where your sciatic pain is coming from. After the exam, the spasms can be relaxed using electromyostimulation on the area of pain. This is often combined with chiropractic adjustments used to alleviate the pressure on the nerve as they work directly on the spinal vertebra and discs which is often the root cause or sciatica. our office also provides Cervical and Lumbar Disc Decompression which works well on pinched nerves causing sciatica.


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Review About Sciatica Treatment At Our Dallas Office

This review came from a patient regarding sciatica treatment and Dr. Brown:

I see Dr. Cooper Brown, but others in the practice help if necessary. My sciatica is feeling much less painful and I’m walking better. Today was session #5, but I was feeling relief after the consultation and visit #2. Dr. Brown explained clearly what was going on with my spine and showed me where there were issues using the X-rays he took. I feel confident that my sciatica, neck issues, and shoulder issue can be resolved in the time frame of my treatment plan. I’m glad that I found this practice so close to home with reasonable rates and excellent staff. I highly recommend this practice.

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