Chiropractor And Physical Therapy For Dallas Soccer And Indoor Soccer Players

Dallas area has seen a surge in soccer and indoor soccer players in recent years.  According to recent local news articles, there is a surge of soccer and indoor soccer activity in the Dallas area:


However, there are several injuries commonly associated with playing soccer (from UPMC’s article on the topic):

Risk of injury is no reason to not play soccer. Soccer players just need to be aware of the risks and know what steps they can take to play as safely as possible.

Common soccer injuries include:

For athletes who have experienced a sports-related injury, UPMC Sports Medicine’s orthopaedic surgeons and board-certified physical therapists will help to speed recovery and restore function.

Preventing Soccer Injuries

Training tips and techniques

As with any sport, a good warm up is important to an injury-free soccer experience. Sports medicine experts recommend the following routine:

  • Cardio: Start with a few laps to get your heart rate up.
  • Stretching: Focus particularly on the lower body and hips, and don’t forget to stretch your neck gently.
  • Passing: Begin with short distance passing, and then move gradually to longer distance drives.
  • Shooting: Work up from lighter, shorter shots on net to harder shots.
  • Sprinting: Include a few short distance sprints.

Finally, don’t play if you are extremely tired and therefore more prone to injury. Hydration and good nutrition will help stave off early fatigue.

Individuals should consult a physician before beginning any kind of training or conditioning program.


Here are some additional resources detailing soccer injuries:



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Videos About Dallas Area Soccer News


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