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There are thousands of swimming enthusiasts in the Dallas area, ranging from those who just enjoy swimming laps at a home pool all the way to competitive swim teams and clubs.  Here are some news articles about swimming in the DFW area:






However, there are several injuries commonly associated with swimming.  This content comes from UPMC (click here for the full article):


Common Swimming Injuries

Neck and shoulder injuries are among the most common injuries that swimmers face.

Neck and shoulder injuries from swimming include:

  • Irritation and inflammation in the shoulders
  • Rotator cuff tendonitis or tears
  • Shoulder impingement syndrome, which is a result of pressure on the rotator cuff muscles from part of the shoulder blade when the arm is lifted overhead
  • Tears in the cartilage around the shoulder socket
  • Neck and low back pain
  • Bicep tendonitis

Swimmers might also experience knee injuries. Stress on the knees can result in pain under or around the kneecap or at the inside of the knee.

Swimmers who experience pain or soreness for more than 48 hours should seek medical attention. The experts at UPMC Sports Medicine can work with you to evaluate and  treat most common swimming injuries to help prevent more serious long-term effects.

Causes of swimming injuries

  • Overtraining
  • Not enough rest periods
  • Poor stroke mechanics
  • Poor breathing technique
  • Poor flexibility or range of motion
  • Decreased rotator cuff or shoulder blade (scapular muscle) strength
  • Poor core strength or stability
  • Decreased hip muscle strength


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