Whether you’re dealing with a chronic back condition as the result of an accident, or whether a lifetime of bad posture has caught up to you, you’ll need treatment to prevent your new injury from getting worse, or never going away. Even if you’re in the middle of a lawsuit against a person or business that is liable for your injury, the choice to go to physical therapy to treat your injuries is a good one. The thought of starting therapy intimidates some. It is one thing to feel a little pain from time to time, but it is a different thing to acknowledge that one’s body has been harmed, or is under duress. Once you’re ready to let someone help you feel better overall, you’ll find that your life has become just a little easier with less pain.  


Exercise is an amazing necessity for every able-bodied person in the world. Exercise is about strengthening the body as much as it is about feeling good and feeling strong. Physical fitness is at an unfortunate low in the United States, and this hasn’t helped those of us who are at high risk for injury, or have been injured already. Physiotherapy is another way of saying, ‘healing with exercise.’ A certified professional will guide you through a series of movements, gradually increasing the intensity over time to help you get your blood flowing, and your body adapting to everyday wear and tear.  Some doctors recommend specific types of exercise. Yoga and Pilates are popular recommendations for people recovering from back injuries, as both types of exercise involve plenty of strength-building through stretching.   

Spinal Decompression

Spinal Decompression is all about getting more blood flow through the spine, and allowing the body to heal itself. If you’ve ever felt more svelte in the morning after a full night’s sleep, you’re not imagining it – overnight, your body loses water through perspiration and respiration, and your spinal disks relax and stretch, making you taller and your skin just a little tighter. Spinal decompression works in a similar way for the purpose of loosening the spine to treat bulging or herniated disks. Specialized ways of stretching the back and body make it easier for pressure to be released from the spine.


Ultrasound treatments may look and seem like a weird, space-age treatment with no guarantee of success. The same type of sound waves are used to peer into mother’s wombs to see the movement and check the development of tiny babies. Ultrasound waves begin cool, but then warm the skin. The sound waves break down bad tissue over time, allowing more blood flow, and encouraging the body to get rid of the bad tissue itself. This, in turn, helps you to both feel better, and to heal.  


Probably the most popular form of healing therapy, massage therapy may be used by lay people for mere relaxation, but the health benefits are both tangible, and have been documented for centuries. Through a series of specific amounts of pressure rubs through certain parts of a body, massage forces blood to travel away from some places and into others. Your blood carries oxygen and other important nutrients through your body. Your body uses these nutrients to perform, and to heal. Any type of therapy you choose will bring your back to its old vigor before your injury set you back.

Should you need, trigger point and joint injections are also available to help relieve pain and inflammation quickly. Ask about this during your next visit or call us for more information!

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